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  A Very Special Shabbat with  
Mordechai (Mark) Halawa

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Mark Halawa was born in Kuwait to a “Palestinian Refugee” family and raised as a Muslim. His education included indoctrinating hatred towards Jews and Christians. After the first gulf war, he and his family moved to Amman, Jordan, where he attended High School and then spent two years at the Thishreen University in Latakia, Syria. The next two years of his education was spent at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. It was there that he met a Rabbi serving as a Professor of Philosophy. In the course of their discussions Mark made mention that his maternal grandmother was born Jewish, met and married a Jordanian soldier, and then ran off to Nablus and converted to Islam. The ensuing conversation caused mark to face his new reality that he was actually his own enemy who he had been taught to despise. Mark’s life journey now headed in a completely different direction with many twists and turns, creating a fascinating and intriguing story.
Today, Mark - now Mordechai resides in Jerusalem with his wife and daughter.