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About Chabad Center of Northwest New Jersey...


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Chabad Center of Northwest NJ seeks to...

Create a warm, vibrant and accepting institution which conducts services and programs catering to the individual needs of the greater community.

A fford Jews of every background and persuasion the opportunity to experience the wisdom and inspiration of their heritage, each on his/her own personal gradient.

Regard and foster the notion of each person being a unique world whom we fully embrace in a non-judgmental and nurturing manner.

Establish a home where all people feel welcome to turn as they seek growth and meaning in their individual lives.


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The Chabad Center of Northwest New Jersey was established in the beginning of 1988 by a small group of volunteers, and has grown into a multifaceted network of social, religious and charitable programs. Chabad’s diversified programs serve the greater region through six community centers established in Morris, Sussex and Warren counties. Additionally, a brand-new Educational Center, the first of its kind in Northwest NJ, provides innovative and meaningful opportunities for children and adults of all ages. Although the Center’s framework is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, it conducts many nonsectarian programs in conjunction with local school districts, hospitals, police departments and municipalities.

Acceptance of every individual on his or her own level, regardless of background, affiliation, age or financial status, has become the hallmark of Chabad. Every person is a unique “world” we fully embrace with no “ifs, ands, or buts.” By blending traditional values with modern day techniques, we have been successful in touching so many lives - one at a time.

The Chabad Educational Center, which opened its doors in the fall of 2008, is a culmination of years of work devoted to creating innovative educational opportunities for our precious young and adult populations. The Center offers a state of the art Early Learning Center, Hebrew School, Hebrew High, Adult Education Institute and the first Community Mikvah established in Northwest New Jersey. By promoting academic excellence, providing a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere and maintaining unwavering dedication to each and every student, the Chabad Educational Center ensures that the spiritual vitality and scholarship of our heritage is transferred to all future generations.

Scores of our brethren have little appreciation of the spiritual values which lie at the core of our existence, frequently resulting in apathy and limited spiritual involvement. Bright minds and caring hearts are often underexposed to principles likely to lend purpose and meaning to their daily lives. Certainly, we cannot legislate to our children the choices they should make as they mature into grown men and women. However, we can educate, so that choices are not made in ignorance. Empowered with knowledge and insight, individuals will choose what is right for them, each according to his or her personal comfort level. It is a fact - education conveyed with affection, sincerity and consistency produces spiritual appreciation and growth.

The success of any morally and spiritually sound society hinges on the pertinence and quality of its educational process. Character development, spiritual consciousness and selfless devotion to the betterment of humanity have always stood at the forefront of every bona fide Jewish educational system. It is this conviction that defines the mission of the New Chabad Educational Center as it serves the needs of all members of the community. With G‑d’s help, we will succeed.

Chabad Early Learning Center provides a diverse, rich and stimulating curriculum that is renowned for its warmth and love. To nurture the purity and innocence of a young child is to supply him/her with essentials that will secure a meaningful and fruitful life. Under Morah Flory Heller's direction, the remarkable and unconditional love shown to each and every child translates directly into a passion for knowledge and growth.

David Hoffman Chabad Hebrew School - The Jewish people have always transmitted essential values and ideas from generation to generation. At the David Hoffman Chabad Hebrew School, we accomplish this by infusing our multi-sensory curriculum with joy and enthusiasm. Students gain a deep appreciation of their heritage as it is brought to life through the dedication and creativity of our certified teachers. Success is apparent on our children’s faces. Simply put, students love to attend.

Chabad Hebrew High is Chabad's core program for teenagers. With a curriculum that ranges from in depth study of classic Jewish texts to intimate discussions of life's issues and challenges, our teenagers remain strongly involved during their years of adolescence. Through understanding and directing the energy of our young adults, the natural "fire" of adolescence is utilized to establish a genuine passion for growth and caring that lasts a lifetime.

Adult Education is a daily preoccupation of the Chabad Center, with a host of regular classes offered on site and at local community centers and business offices. A person is compared to a tree whose continual growth is the very sign of its vitality. Talmud, Kabbala, Jewish law and philosophy, Hebrew reading and conversation… are the keys to continual spiritual development.

Mei Menachem Community Mikvah was built with the needs of the local Jewish community in mind. It is a glamorous facility which offers women a deeply moving and spiritual experience. It is a spa for both body and soul. It also serves as an educational resource, providing tours for schools, synagogues and other interested groups.

Our mikvah attendants provide warm caring individual attention for every client. Our Mikvah also offers pre-marital counseling for brides and educational programming related to Jewish family life.

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For further information, please contact us at:
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